Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden was our first garden where we had to not only go through the house but also up and out onto the terrace.

This was a great makeover of a fresh new look.


The rooftop garden had come to need a change and have a fresh new look, The old timber deck boards that we had replaced must have been down a good 15 to 20 years but the signs of rot and wear were soon apparent.

The boards and frame were dismantled, cut up and thrown away along with years of rubbish and soil built up beneath them, the terrace was then swept and washed down.

The garden had to be built in a matter of two halves, too me too you scenario as there just isn’t space or the capability to remove it all then bring it back when needed.

The new decking boards are made of a composite material that won’t rot or expand or even need treating, how great does that sound!

The old pots were replaced with stylish new planters and all the plants got a good feed and topped up with new compost.

Some plants were removed and replaced with more in keeping plants to the new design.


This rooftop garden was as much of a challenge as it was a joy to do. The design and brief were to revamp the rooftop into a stylish modern uplifting terrace in the glamorous Marylebone.

This look was achieved with a Millboard decking and new Grey Square planters and additional planting.