Decking has come a long way these days with modern technology always advancing with products we can use, so much more than just that dull, rotten wooden decking that everybody rushed to do in the 90’s.

Benton Landscapes has other ideas that can help you transform the space you’re after. With a range of styles colour and design, we can give you the option that you never had before!

We have created many spaces with many decking products, from the non-slip wooden deck boards with added grip so you don’t slip with using the wood for the more of a natural environment look, or even you could be after a really modern straight minimalist look and feel or even trying to create an old looking board in a modern style, please ask to see our ranges of samples.

From decking your garden to around your swimming pools, hot tubs and rooftop gardens, we can deck it all. With our expertise on installing decking pretty much everywhere be sure to have us install the right deck for you.


The client had called to ask us to install either decking or paving and with this option we ran through some ideas and cost and I asked what the feeling was they were after, what their use for the area was,, I gave them two ideas on design of what we could do with some samples and this is what we achieved.

The idea was that they wanted somewhere to sit, chill, relax, whilst the boys still had somewhere to kick a ball around.

Easy to clean and low maintenance with a contemporary modern look. The levels were kept above the lawn height so it felt like a platform and an extra part to the garden ‘The Deck’. The garden was then stripped of the old turfs and new topsoil and new turfs were then laid.

With the simple yet classic uses of effective planting, this job really does look great.