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Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance in Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Sussex & London.

Benton Landscapes have been known to travel more than just their home county for Garden Maintenance works. With our passion beginning at our finger tips!


I know that the garden is more than just grass and trees, I have spent most of my life in many gardens and getting to know different plants from being in and around the garden from a young age.

I have a very cliché clientele that spread over 150 miles.

I have regular clients that require one day a week, one day every fortnight, three days a week and once a month.

From knowing what pests are about and affecting your lawns, roses, fruits and vegs I like to look after these all.

A garden can quickly change from one week to the next in the summer seasons and a garden if left can become very quickly over grown and its best to keep on top of it before it gets on top of you.


Well the fact of it is that you’re probably looking for someone who knows what to do and when to do it, how it is to be done and when it needs to be trimmed, mowed or pruned.

We know that we are probably not the cheapest when it comes to maintaining your grounds and gardens but we want you to know your garden is in good hands and well looked after it so you don’t need to worry!

We can give you a two day garden tidy up with a team on site to do a whole range of jobs to bring the garden back to how you would like it!